Headshot Tips

I’ve put together 5 tips that I wanted to share with you to help us craft the absolute best images that we can.

TIP #1: Look at other headshot examples to get an idea of what YOU want to craft

Here’s a link to a Google search for “Headshots”: http://bit.ly/2bCDdnD

As you see, there’s a wide variety of styles and types. Casual, businesslike, light backgrounds, dark backgrounds, outdoors, various poses, various clothing, etc. Let me know what look you’d like to craft and I’ll work with you to make it happen!

Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 1.55.17 PM

Examples from a Google Search

TIP #2: Choose your clothing

Pick clothes that flatter. Do they convey the persona that you’d like? Businesslike, charming, approachable, etc. Do the colors compliment your hair, eyes, etc? Do you prefer dark and muted or colorful and vibrant? Bring a selection of choices. If time permits, we can go for several looks.

TIP #3: Hair

Prepare your hair (men this includes facial hair), for the way that you’d like to present yourself. Bring your brush or comb for touch ups. I’ll have a mirror and spray bottle on hand for quick fixes. Consider a visit to the barber or hair salon to tidy up a bit.

TIP #4: Skin

A good facial scrub in the the shower the night before will do the trick. Ladies, putting on a “slight bit” more makeup than you usually wear won’t hurt. A headshot is like being on stage: you’re presenting to an audience that will see a smaller version of you (on a web-page, business card, flyer, etc.). This is different than seeing you in person. Lastly, I can do quite a bit in post production to assist with blemishes, imperfections and skin toning.

TIP #5: Relax

A great headshot really comes down to three key elements.

  1. Lighting
  2. Technical Skills (Capture and Post Production)
  3. Posing / Expression

Good News! I’ll take care of the first 2 (I’ve got these DOWN) and will help you with the last one. See? We’re destined to create some great shots!

BONUS: Feedback

During the session, make sure you get and give feedback on the images. During my headshots sessions, I like to review the last few images with the client on an iPad. This accomplishes a couple things: 1) It allows everyone to take a short break and regroup and more importantly 2) it gives you the feedback needed in order to help you make those minor adjustments that can make a big difference.